9:00am Contemporary

i-am-the-bread-of-life-john-6-35Join us for our 9:00 am contemporary worship!  We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday at this time of worship and have a relaxed atmosphere and singing.  Guests are always welcome and we love having children in the service. In fact, we have a special children’s time with the pastor each Sunday. . The music is led by worship singers and is a mix of old favorites with some newer pieces.  The message is given by Pastor Bill and often is related to a sermon series.  The scriptures and messages for each Sunday are posted on a tab on the home page. They are Biblically based and apply to our day to day lives.  As United Methodists we celebrate an open Communion table.  All are welcome to receive if you feel led.

We are now offering gluten free elements at our Communion table in addition to a loaf of homemade bread. .