Pastor’s Midweek News

Pastor’s Midweek News-July 8, 2020

Back to Two services for July 12

 Folks, we will return to our regular schedule for worship services this Sunday. We are beginning a summer series on the Parables and Lessons of Jesus as presented in Matthew. As we continue to live and work in these troubled times, we might ask the same question Bonhoeffer asked from his prison cell, “Who is Christ for us today?” Such a question calls us to think and consider, and Jesus’ parables and lessons help us do so. On July 12, 2020, the message is“The Parable of the Sower” and our focus scripture is Matthew 13:1-9;18-23. Jesus described four kinds of soil, analogizing to people who hear the word.  And we might ask, which kind of soil am I? On July 19, 2020, the message is “The Parable of the Sower: Part 2” and our focus scripture is Matthew 13: 24-30; 36-43. And on July 26, 2020, the message is “The Treasure Hunters” and our focus scripture is Matthew 13:31-53.  

 Here is where I run into trouble. My inclination was to start this paragragh with “At the risk of sounding like a broken record….”. Then I realized that a.) how many people even remember those old vinyl records?  b.)  How many people remember that when they were broken, they just kept repeating the same line and skipping? So, I will risk mentioning again that we need to be careful as we meet. I keep watching for the number of infections to go down in the county, but they just keep going up. So, if you come, wear a mask or a bandana if you are comfortable with that. We still have some in the Narthex. If you are not comfortable in coming, think you might have been exposed to the virus or if you have underlying problems that pose a risk, then please stay home and worship online. I have said time and again, we are not in the judging business at this church. Not going to wag a finger or fuss at folks for not coming. We just want to provide people with an opportunity to worship together, but if folks want to worship at home, we will provide that opportunity also.

 If we are honest with each other, the number of folks who participate in worship in person PLUS the number who participate online should add up to our average attendance pre-COVID. It does not. Which means to me that we need to do a better job of presenting worship via the video. To do that, we sure need your thoughts and suggestions. Please drop me an email or call and let me know what yopu think. Thanks!

Our donations were a bit “off” for June and so we have a bit of work to do for July.

July 14 is Church Council at 6:00 and we will Zoom that meeting.

In Christ,

Pastor Bill

Prayer List: Please keep the following persons in your prayers:  :  Our police officers and law enforcement, teachers and students, Our medical community and the researchers developing treatment and vaccines for the virus, Our Governor and other officials dealing with this difficult time, Karmen Callihan, Norman Dees & his father, Dot Dekle, Terry Dekle, Kristy Denison, Shelby Gilchard, Marie Hoskins, Robert Lawhon, Fred and Carolyn Lippard, Monica Maddox, Diane Matusch, Bret and Lorraine McCaughley, Dee Moore, Jenna Purdy,  the family of Mackie Rader, Ricky Ramirez, Stan Reece, Ima Roycroft, Arthur Sadberry, Bill and Becky Slaughter,  Karen Svoboda, Sara Twidwell, children at Legacy Ranch