Pastor’s Midweek News

Pastor’s Midweek News-November 18, 2020

It is “Christ the King” Sunday and the last Sunday of our liturgical year and the last Sunday of the “While We Wait” series we have been working through. So, on November 22, we will return to Matthew 25:31-46 and the lesson Jesus taught on the Judgement of the Nations. The message will be on our website, on Saturday, or join us for the livestream on our Facebook page around 10:00 Sunday morning.

At around 1:00 Sunday the 22, we will dress our beautiful sanctuary for Advent. Many hands will make for light, and joyful work.

On November 29, we begin the season of Advent and a series called “Incarnation” based upon the book and teaching series by Adam Hamilton. Adam decided that in this year of challenge and change, we might well remember that G-d took on flesh and came to dwell among us. What did he become and for what purpose? The story is told by focusing on various names and words used for Jesus in the Scriptures. We will begin our adult Sunday school that Sunday at 9:00 with a book study. The book is relatively inexpensive ($13.00) and you might want to order it now. I have 7 extra and you can start with them. Our preaching series is shaping up as follows:

November 29, 2020. The message is“Incarnation- The Anointed One” and our scriptures are Isaiah 64:1-9; Luke 7: 36-48. December 6, 2020. The message is: “Incarnation- Savior” and our Scriptures include Mark 1:1-8 and Matthew 1:20b-21. December 13, 2020. The message is “Incarnation- Emmanuel” and our Scriptures include Isaiah 7:14; Matthew 1:20b-23.  

December 20, 2020. The message is “Incarnation- Light” and our scriptures include Genesis 1:1-5; John 1:1-5. December 24, 2019 are our Christmas Eve Candlelight services. We will have two services at 4:00 and 6:00 so that all may come, yet we will have plenty of room to spread out and be safe.  The message is “Incarnation- Jesus is Lord” and our scriptures include Luke 2:1-20; Romans 10:9-10 and John 1:1-5.

Friends, we will continue to meet carefully. We are wearing those masks and social distancing. If you do not feel well, think you have been exposed to the virus or you are at risk, then worship with us at The message is videotaped or if you prefer, you can read it in narrative form. Or, we are livestreaming at around 10:00 on Sunday from our Facebook page. Be sure to “like” and “share”.

 Friends, I am just amazed at your generosity. We have hauled three loads of groceries over to Central Baptist Church to help pack 50 Thanksgiving bags for folks around town. What a sweet, loving expression of kindness!

Donations. Have you noticed the “donate” tab on our webpage? If you can’t make it to church and leave a check, we have a safe and secure way to donate on our website,

In Christ,

Pastor Bill

Prayer List: Please keep the following persons in your prayers: Our police officers and law enforcement, teachers and students, Our medical community and the researchers developing treatment and vaccines for the virus, Our Governor and other officials dealing with this difficult time, Karmen Callihan, Rob Clopton, Norman Dees & his father,  Kristy Denison, Gary Gann, Shelby Gilchard, Marie Hoskins, Robert Lawhon, Fred and Carolyn Lippard, Monica Maddox, Diane Matusch, Bret and Lorraine McCaughley,  Sandra McGuffin, David Phelps, Jenna Purdy,  Ricky Ramirez, the families of Stan and Madeleine Reece, Ima Roycroft, Arthur Sadberry, Bill and Becky Slaughter,  Karen Svoboda, Sara Twidwell, children at Legacy Ranch