Pastor’s Midweek News

Pastor’s Midweek News-September 16, 2020

“Up” was a fun little Disney movie a few years back and helped me shape Sunday’s final message in the “Unafraid” series. We were meant to soar, not be closed away in fear. We will mix our metaphors with the Gospel of Matthew 8:23-27 and another nautical reference as Jesus and the disciples are out on the Sea of Galilee and are caught in a storm. “Why are you afraid?” Jesus asked. And he still is asking.

Missed last Sunday? No worries. The message is on the website under Pastor Bill’s Message.

Friends, we will continue to meet carefully. We are wearing those masks and social distancing. If you do not feel well, think you have been exposed to the virus or you are at risk, then worship with us at The message is videotaped or if you prefer, you can read it in narrative form.

When we finish up the “Unafraid” series, what will we do next? We will stick with the lectionary and September 27, 2020 our message is “When Children Misbehave” and the focus Scripture is Matthew 21:23-32. For October 4, 2020, the message is “The Sharecroppers” and our focus Scripture is Matthew 21:33-46. We have a real treat in store for the church on October 11. Rev. Karen Horan will be our guest and preach Philippians 4:1-9. October 18, 2020 featuresExodus 33:12-23; Isaiah 453-7 and the message is “Show Me Your Glory”. Finally, October 25, 2020 has a message called“The Competition” and we will consider Matthew 22:34-46.

NurseryReminder: We offer a nursery for the little ones at our services each Sunday. Our nursery attendants are well trained, loving and the nursery itself is clean and well organized.

This is the theme for the charge conference season. We will be gahering the usual documents, having the required meetings and going about out business. But it will not be “business as usual”. We will be asking these questions: 1.) How is it with the church’s soul after you have endured the many challenges of 2020? 2.) What 2 or 3 things will your leadership give attention to in the coming months to either build upon, or enhance the state of the soul of your congregation? These questions are worthy of our consideration. Everyone is invited to add their thoughts to the conversation.

Zoom Book Study. We have two more sessions of our Wednesday Zoom book study at 6:00 in the evening. It is not too late to jump in. Just call me with an email address. As I have said, the last four chapters of the book are significant. The chapter titles are “I don’t want to grow old”; “Anxiety, worry and physical illness”; “I am not ready to die” and last, “living with fear”. I encourage you to read these chapters. You can borrow my copy of the book and the DVD is also available to you once the series is over.

Interesting: Last Sunday’s Facebook livestream of the worship service reached 1707 people. 132 people watched the entire service, beginning to end. These numbers are amazing to me and I am not sure what they mean for the church. But I am sure of this. The Gospel of Jesus Christ reaches deeper than we can ever imagine.

Please remember that we have adjusted the worship schedule to one service at 10:00 on Sunday Morning. I think everyone is enjoying the music mix. Come a little early for some extra music that you will love!

In Christ,

Pastor Bill

Prayer List: Please keep the following persons in your prayers:  :  Our police officers and law enforcement, teachers and students, Our medical community and the researchers developing treatment and vaccines for the virus, Our Governor and other officials dealing with this difficult time, Karmen Callihan, Rob Clopton, Norman Dees & his father, the family of Dot Dekle, Terry Dekle, Kristy Denison, Shelby Gilchard, Marie Hoskins, Robert Lawhon, Fred and Carolyn Lippard, Monica Maddox, Diane Matusch, Bret and Lorraine McCaughley, Jenna Purdy,  Ricky Ramirez, Stan Reece, Ima Roycroft, Arthur Sadberry, Bill and Becky Slaughter,  Karen Svoboda, Sara Twidwell, children at Legacy Ranch