Pastor’s Midweek News

                                          Pastor’s Midweek August 9, 2018

What a success! We blessed the new teacher’s crosses on Sunday and then hosted the luncheon the next day. And the church was so well represented. So many of you came to serve and to encourage the teachers! The comments I heard time and time again was appreciation that we cared for them and were praying for them.

Our preaching this August will be on the “Bread of Life”. The 6th chapter of John is all about the “bread of life” metaphor Jesus used to describe who he was and is. Bread is a worldwide staple and has been for about 10,000 years. Jesus was revealed to us in the breaking of the bread, and many of the stories of our Bible are about people and bread.  We will weave the metaphor of bread throughout our sermons during this “month of new beginnings” for our children and teachers. So, August 5, 2018, we will bless the teacher crosses for the luncheon the next day. The message is “Sour Dough” and the scriptures are Numbers 21:5 and John 6:36, 41-51. Then, on August 12, 2018, the message is “Barley Bread” and our scriptures are Deuteronomy 8: 3;11-19 and John 6:56-69. We will talk about the dignity of our daily work and its ministry in the world. On August 19, 2018, we are reminded that “Stuff the Bus” is on the 23rd. The message is “Ezekiel Bread” and the Scriptures are Ezekiel 4:9-13 and John 6: 51-58. Finally, on August 26, 2016, we will bless the backpacks and offer prayers for the children and the teachers and staff of Luling ISD. The message is “Wonder Bread” and the Scriptures are Exodus 16:13-15 and John 6:24-35.

Summer Reading Program. Just three more chances to read with the children. Our summer reading program has touched so many lives. I am so grateful for our volunteers and our sponsors.

CYF Christian Youth Fellowship. CYF this Sunday. We gather at around 5:00 and will continue Narnia. Bring friends!


Grace Abounds!

Pastor Bill