Who Are we?

Who are we? We are a United Methodist Church, following Jesus and his teachings and experiencing God’s grace each day.

First United Methodist of Luling has been joyfully worshiping and serving in this community for over 140 years. In keeping with the historic roots of the Luling community, we are a generous, lively and encouraging church. Generous, in that we offer outreach locally and abroad, helping people as they have need. Lively in that we sing and worship with a passion. Encouraging, in that we offer encouragement to children, youth and all others in their faith journey. We know this. We are a community of Christian believers, of all ages, joyfully traveling together in faith. We help each other, love one another, study and celebrate the Scriptures together. No one gets left behind in this journey. No one. Interested in joining our little caravan? Come and be our guests.