Sermons for July


                                                       July 2018 Scriptures and Sermon Titles

We finished up our Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus series and that was fun! Our sermons in July will include: On July 1, “Identity Crises” is the sermon title and we will have a fresh look at the woman who was healed in Mark 5:21-34. And yes, we will visit a little with the patriots of the Boston Tea party. On July 8, our message is “The Value of Storms” and we will have a look at Matthew 8:23-27. July 15 is “Give Us Barabbas” and we have another VBS style message from Luke 23:13-25. On July 22, we will explore Mark 6:1-13, “Traveling Light; Traveling Smart”. Finally, July 29 will be UMCOR Sunday, “Multiplying Miracles”, from John 6:1-13.   So, we are ready for July! Come to church and bring some guests with you!